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Secure Shopping


When you shop with us, you can choose to check out using either Klarna, Shopify Payments or PayPal, all of which are established leaders in the field of secure transaction processing.


What is it? Simply put, Klarna enable you to spread the payment of your purchases. When you buy something on Jellyrolls Kidswear using Klarna they pay us and you use their app or an account with Klarna to pay them back. There are no hidden charges which is great but you will have to set up an account with them (just once, that's all).

Is it secure? Everything about paying with Klarna direct banking is designed with your safety in mind. Using your own secure online banking means there is no need to share any personal information or card details with the merchant. The entry of your online bank details occurs entirely in the secure Klarna payment form, where the merchant has no access. There is no need for Klarna to store these details and they are never visible to the merchant or any other third party, including Klarna employees.

Klarna requires a minimum spend of £35.00 plus postage.


Find out more about Klarna security here.


American Express Diners Club Discover Maestro Mastercard PayPal Shop Pay Visa

How can I pay? Shopify payments offers payment by select debit or credit cards dependent on your location. You can choose whether Shopify Payments "remembers" you. If you choose this option then a code can be texted to you to speed up the checkout process and experience.

Here comes some technical security stuff... Shopify is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. This compliance extends by default to all stores powered by Shopify. Shopify are very serious about securely hosting your store and have invested significant time and money to certify that we are PCI compliant. From annual on-site assessments validating compliance to continuous risk management, Shopify work hard to keep our shopping cart and ecommerce hosting secure.

What does this mean for you? Simple. It's all very secure and uses the latest encryption to keep your payment information safe. We only see the last 4 digits of your card and the card type and this is for reference purposes only.


You do not need a PayPal account to Jellyrolls Kidswear pay by debit or credit card – simply select the "Pay with a debit or credit card section" on the PayPal form when making your payment.

About PayPal... We use the industry leading internet payment company PayPal to protect your card details and protect from fraud. PayPal keep your information safe. We will never actually see your bank or credit card details, they are passed in a highly secure way directly to PayPal for processing. Industry-leading fraud prevention is just one of the reasons PayPal is a safe way to pay online.

PayPal uses proprietary technology and constantly innovates to monitor transactions and maintain a secure payment system. To help you keep track of your account activity, PayPal sends an email confirmation of every account transaction. For more information visit