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The Jellyrolls Team

Meet our amazing girls

Without a doubt this is one awesome team with maximum girl power. Forever helpful, friendly and professional. Hover over each of their personally created avatars to see what they have to say...


My special talent: juggling everything in my life.

I’m Inspired by: my team , a sunny day, mountains: especially when I can climb them.

How I got here: decided to set up my own shop after working for Ravel / Clark’s.

Hayley Girardier

Fancy Wagger

Special talent: keeping my eye out for anything a "bit suspect" on the shop floor.

Inspired by: Slinky out of Toy Story.

How I got here: being with my mummy at the shop is better than being at home on my own.

Happy - The Jellyrolls Shop Dog

My special talent: making our customers feel special.

I’m inspired by: fashion, friends, my mum.

How I got here: my mum was a regular in the shop and they were looking for a weekend member, so I  started as a Saturday girl.

Macy Thompson

My special talent: Being super organised & clean freak!

I’m inspired by: My Family!

How I got here: I am a saturday girl! I’ve been here ever since!

Nafisa Haque

Special talent: helpful, kind, good sense of humour and a great listener.

I’m inspired by: my amazing family.

How I got here: popped into the shop the rest is history.

Claire Cassidy

Special talent: being there for everyone.

I’m Inspired by: Rhonda Bryne / The secret, my family, a sunny day, my garden.

How I got here: popped it to buy something helped out as the shop was busy... still here 23 years later.

Candy Elliott

My special talent: making cushions.

I'm inspired by: kind people.

I got here because I just can't stay away xx

Carol Wood

Special talents: being freiendly & there for all.

I'm inspired by: strong independent women, my somone special, my son & my family.

How i got here:i needed a new start & was given the opportunity to do so.


Suky Grewal

My special talents: making sure everyone is Ok.

I'm inspired by: my family

How I got here: I love people & retail


Lynda Forbes